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Workshop Liberating Structures - Gegeven door The Liberators (Barry Overeem & Christiaan Verwijs)

Goed nieuws! We hebben Barry Overeem & Christiaan Verwijs van The Liberators wederom een keer kunnen strikken voor het geven van een workshop bij TFG! Meld je snel aan voor de Liberating Structures workshop van vrijdag 16 november 2018!


Anyone with an Agile mindset who wants to achieve more with a larger group of people!


Why this workshop?

An energetic serious-and-fun workshop, that can be confronting; 100% Powerpoint-free 100% interactive; Everything you learn is immediately applicable within your own team or organisation; Everyone can do it.

We’ll show that everyone can use Liberating Structures, independent of experience or training; Get to know your colleagues even better! You will share stories and experiences with them, get to know what drives them, discover new insights and strengthen collaboration.


During the workshop:

Discover the attributes of Liberating Structures and how they help improve collaboration and solve difficult problems; Practice with a 6 - 8 Liberating Structures and learn how to use them; Expand your facilitation toolkit and transform future meetings, trainings and conversations; Improve your skills of truly listening and discover the power of silence; Learn how the simple rules of Liberating Structures can unleash a culture of innovation.


We don’t have an agenda (yet)! We’ve got a lot of options and ideas. But the agenda will be determined together with the Design Team. Based on a relevant theme, we’ll jointly select the most appropriate Liberating Structures.

However we’ll make sure the workshop will offer the opportunity to…

Share ideas, know-how, experiences and challenges; Reveal opportunities, obstacles, solutions and ideas; Analyze, diagnose, clarify or debrief; Help or get help; Strategize towards a common purpose; Plan next steps..

The Liberators ??


Bijeenkomsten en Praktisch


1 dag: 8.30-17.00 uur

Kosten En Voorwaarden


TFG-Premium Maat ticket: € 500,- ex btw.

Ticket externe deelnemer: € 600,- ex btw (TFG-Inner-circle klanten) 

Training is inclusief catering, koffie, thee en fris. 

Minimaal 16 maximaal 30 deelnemers! Wees er snel bij! 

Training is inclusief catering, koffie, thee en fris. Minimaal 16 maximaal 30 deelnemers! Wees er snel bij!


16-11-2018 08:00 17:00 TFG House